Dr. Adam Rauzman

Dentist Hawthorne, NJ

Dr. Adam Rauzman wants to change the way that you feel about a visit to the dentist. 

Dentistry, for the most part, has gotten a bad reputation as one of the more anxiety-provoking branches of healthcare. For some, this anxiety can be traced to a traumatic childhood experience. For others, it’s the water cooler story of a root canal gone terribly wrong. The angst becomes even more pronounced when you add into the mix the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies (managed care), as well as the general unease when discussing personal finances. Our goal is to do our best to make your dental visit as painless and effortless as possible.

Dr. Rauzman’s credentials include the following:

  • Graduated from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine with clinical honors
  • Member of AGD, AAID, and Bergen County Dental Implant Club
  • General residency at North Shore University Hospital
  • Mini-residency in implant dentistry
  • Invisalign® certified