Dental Crowns

Dentist Hawthorne, NJ

Improving Your Tooth’s Function, Strength & Appearance

If you have a decayed, damaged, or broken tooth, a dental crown may be the right solution for you. A crown is essentially a cap that looks like your natural teeth, which is placed over your damaged tooth to enhance its aesthetic appeal and help it function properly. These caps can be made out of a wide variety of materials, including composite, porcelain, and metal. To find out if a dental crown is right for you, reach out to the family dentists at Rauzman Dental today.

Since 1968, our office has provided individuals across New Jersey with high-quality dental services. Over that period of time, we became deeply familiar with dental crowns, as well as how to safely and efficiently treat our patients using them.

No matter how complicated or severe your dental problem is, we have the resources and experience required to treat it. You can rely on us for the effective services you deserve.

Why Get a Dental Crown?

Common reasons why people get a dental crown include:

  • They need to support a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment
  • They want to cover a dental implant
  • They are holding a dental bridge in place
  • They are covering discolored or misshapen teeth
  • They are supporting and covering a tooth with a large filling
  • They are preventing a weak or cracked tooth from breaking
  • They are protecting a decayed tooth

Not only do crowns provide much-needed support to weak teeth, but they also look and feel completely natural. You will be able to eat, speak, drink, and live your day-to-day life with no discomfort at all. Rauzman Dental is dedicated to helping you fulfill all your dental needs.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The procedure for getting a dental crown is simple and straightforward. It involves examining the tooth, determining if a crown is the right course of action, and then anesthetizing the tooth and surrounding area. Your dentist will then wear down the tooth so that it can properly support the crown. You may feel a slight pressure at this point, but you should not feel any pain. Your dentist will then take a mold of the tooth and give you a temporary crown while your permanent crown is created. When the permanent crown is finished, it will be cemented into place.